Jan 2020 New equipment rack in the Server Room for Valley Community Healthcare medical facility located in North Hills, Ca. There was a single rack existing here which began to overflow. It's location in the room did not allow for the addition of another rack until the ICI crew redesigned and rearranged the room a bit. This included moving the existing rack sideways to make room for the new one. This was a major task as this rack is completely full of network switches, UPS batteries and patch panels. There are more than 300 cables running from all over the building to this rack so great care had to be taken. To accommodate the facility we started work early on a weekend morning and finished by evening. Afterwards a full test with the Director of IT and found all good with no problems at all.

Dec 2019 New Reception Desk Network Cabling for Valley Community Healthcare medical facility located in North Hills, Ca. Along with doing all of the new data connections ICI worked with the contractor to design new cable runs for this project which included trenching the foundation to install a new communications conduit under the floor.

Dec 2019 New Multipurpose Conference Room for Valley Community Healthcare in their North Hollywood, Ca medical facility. ICI installed a new Polycom Video Conference system camera and ceiling microphone along with a Polycom Telephone Conference system including installing its remote microphones on the ceiling also. ICI also installed new A/V speakers and all Video and Control Cabling for two big screen TV's and a Video Projector.

Nov 2019 ICI got to do studio wiring work for Still Bill Productions. Bill Withers moved into his new place and ICI helped get the studio hooked upove there.

Nov 2019 ICI was at Los Angeles Valley College to perform A/V and data cabling work in the Student Health Center. ICI installed new data cabling from the campus IDF to the medical suite, installed new Wifi Access Points, upgraded the A/V system and installed Polycom Video and Telephone Conference systems.

Sep-Oct 2019 Valley Community Healthcare in North Hollywood, Ca. had a tenant move out of their building and took over the much-needed space. ICI rewired the entire section, including the IDF closet that served this section of the building.

Oct 2019 New studio in new location for Omnicast Media.

Oct 2019 ICI was at Radio Hamrah in Los Angeles, Ca to do repairs on the mixing board in their main studio and install a new media recorder for them.

Sep 2019 New studios for KLOS and a Radio/TV studio for their morning show on the TV show Dish Nation. KLOS was purchased by Meruelo Media and moved to their Burbank, CA facility already housing Power 106 and KDAY. ICI first started this project building custom cable harnesses for the new Axia equipment going into the studio. This included harnesses for a PowerStation Main, Mic xNodes, AES/EBU Audio xNodes, Analog Audio xNodes and GPIO xNodes. Mitch worked on the Axia System configuration, the studio equipment integration work and data cabling.

Sep 2019 ICI was at Radio Disney in Burbank, Ca to do rack maintenance and new cabling in their Technical Operations Center.

Aug 2019 Radio Station KXOS in Burbank, Ca was purchased by Meruelo Media and converted to the new KLLI. For their new Axia system ICI rebuilt custom cable harnesses for all of the equipment including the PowerStation Engine, Microphone xNodes, AES/EBU and Analog Audio xNodes and GPIO xNodes. After that ICI worked alongside staff engineers on the studio integration and completion of the Control Room studio.

Aug 2019 ICI moved radio personality Tony Scott's studio from his place in Los Angeles to his incredibly beautiful property and house in Tehachapi, Ca.

Jul 2019 Post Production facility Tono Studios in Santa Monica, Ca moved to a new location. The ICI crew did all the studio integration work which included running and hanging surround speakers and video screens.

Jul 2019 ICI made several repairs on a Video Surveillance Trailer to be used by the Riverside County (Ca.) Sheriffs Department. The entirely self-contained trailer (solar panel battery system, wireless internet) was purchased from a company in Texas and was found to have many defects and failures in the communications and camera systems on delivery to the customer. ICI solved and repaired the systems so that they were for the first time usable by law enforcement in the field.

May-Aug 2019 The ICI crew spent evening and weekend work shifts recabling complete sections of Valley Community HealthCare Mdical Facility in North Hollywood, Ca. Most of the data cabling there was installed in the early days of the craft. ICI went through the facility's ceilings, walls and floors establishing and building new structured cable pathways. After that, new cable pulls and termination according to the customer's specification. Everything always Fluke tested at the end.

Apr 2019 Parcast Media Company called on ICI to upgrade their existing studio in Los Angeles, Ca and to build a new one for them. ICI recommended a custom studio furniture build by Omnirax. While the furniture was being built ICI installed new soundproof door treatments to both studios and had an additional pane of glass installed in each room also. Then installation of the studio equipment per ICI system design.

Mar 2019 ICI designed, built and installed new XLR and TRS patchbays for Spectrasonics new studio Control Room at their headquarters in Burbank, Ca.

Feb 2019 The ICI crew spent three weeks in San Jose, Ca working for Spanish Broadcast System. Their station KRZZ was moving to a new location. The ICI crew worked closely with station Chief Engineer Jim Patruce to keep the station on the air, while moving all the studio equipment and building the new facility.

Jan 2019 Mitch traveled to San Jose, Ca to begin planning and preparing for SBS KRZZ Station move in Feb.

Dec 2018-Jan 2019 ICI crew worked on cabling requirements for one of the IDF's at Valley Community Healthcare's North Hollywood, Ca medical facility.

Dec 2018 ICI crew was at John Tesh Media Group Suite relocating their video server rack and re-doing the CAT6A network cabling to each studio.

Dec 2018 Mitch spent time at Radio Hamrah Radio Station in Los Angeles, Ca doing studio maintenance in their main Control Room and their Technical Operations Center.

Nov 2018 Mitch worked at Omnicast Media doing studio maintenance and installing new cables built by the crew.

Oct 2018 Mitch was at Radio Disney Studios in Burbank, Ca installing new remote equipment including Briclink II devices sending and receiving audio along with control signals.

Oct 2018 The ICI crew was at Valley Community Healthcare North Hollywood, Ca medical facility doing cabling for data and fax lines.

Sep 2018 ICI crew did some studio maintenance for the Norman Goldman Show studios in Burbank, Ca. While there they also installed and configured a new broadcast profanity delay.

Sep 2018-Jan 2019 ICI crew worked on cabling requirements for one of the IDF's at Valley Community Healthcare's North Hollywood, Ca medical facility.

Aug-Sep 2018 The ICI crew rebuilt one of the Production Studios at Radio Disney in Burbank, Ca. This included a new SAS mix surface and engine.

Aug 2018 Mitch did some studio maintenance for the Norman Goldman Show studios in Burbank, Ca.

Jul 2018 The ICI crew worked at Valley Community Health Care Medical Facility in North Hollywood, Ca installing new Wifi Access Points throughout the facility. The facility had already designed an RF map for the crew to follow.

Jul 2018 Mitch spent time doing studio maintenance for the Norman Goldman Show studios in Burbank, Ca.

Jul 2018 Over at Scott Frankfurt Studio in Woodland Hills, Ca ICI added some new microphone lines and a stage box for the main studio.

Jun 2018 At Valley Community Healthcare Medical Facility in North Hollywood, Ca the ICI crew came in over a weekend to replace the data patch system in one of the facility's IDF closets. Work included a new 2-Post rack with horizontal cable ladder and all new patch panels, cable management and jacks. Work always ends with when everything's Fluke tested at 100%.

Jun 2018 Mitch spent time doing studio maintenance for the Norman Goldman Show studios in Burbank, Ca.

Jun 2018 Mitch worked at the Radio Hamrah facility in Los Angeles, Ca. doing studio maintenance.

May 2018 Buzzy's Recording in Los Angeles, Ca (over 40 years in business) called on Mitch to custom build a set of extender cards for the motherboard of one of their Spectrasonics mixing consoles.

May 2018 Valley Community Health Care Medical Facility in North Hollywood, Ca did a complete remodel job in one of their medical suites. ICI was called on to perform a complete rewire of all the data and PA systems in that part of the building.

Apr 2018 Mitch went over to Podcast One in Beverly Hills for some studio maintenance. Afterwards he did a Studio Detailed Cleaning for both the Main Studio and the Control (Production) Room. The cleaning handles everything that the buildings cleaning crew does not do. ICI surface-cleans all of the electronic equipment including the mixing consoles (we can even do these while the board is live on the air!), cleans the studio furniture, computer monitors, speakers, studio windows and vaccums.

Mar 2018 One of our regulars, Valley Community Healthcare in North Hollywood had ICI come in to cable up their new Patient Portals located in the lobbys on both floors of the building. Patient may use the portals to look up services and their own health care records on a pedestal-mounted tablet computer and use the phone to call various facility departments for more info and to make appointments to see health care professionals. At the same time additional network runs were made to other offices in the building.

Jan 2018 Mitch headed out to Palm Springs for a few days work for radio station KUSC at the Edom Hill transmitter site. KUSC (classical station for the University of Southern California) has several tranmitters up and down the state. Engineering Manager Ron Thompson and contract engineer Tom King are installing new transmitter remote control systems at each of the sites. ICI is assisting with cabling and install work for them.

Nov-Dec 2017 Sportscaster Jim Rome got a new deal with CBS Sports Radio. The show was to simulcast on CBS Sports Network (TV) so they eneded to build a new studio facility to handle the needs of both formats. ICI handled the radio broadcast aspect and the communications and data cabling for the building.

Oct 2017 One of our health care provider customers, Valley Community Healthcare, did a full remodel in their dental department. In each of the eight operatories ICI installed new network cabling runs complete with color-coded receptacles on both ends, KVM extension to wall mount consoles and HDMI video feeds right to screens mounted on the exam chair. There were also USB extensions for the X-ray machines.

Oct 2017 Next-generation music production company Hollywood Scoring was gearing up for a huge live production in China. ICI supplied nearly 100 new heavy-duty-use headphone system interconnect cables and performed modifications on 61 headphone boxes to be used by the orchestra.

Sep 2017 Producer - Bassist - Entertainer Nathan Gilberg moved into a new recording space located in the Sherpa Studios building. (Sherpa is also a customer. ICI designed, fabricated, wired and shipped their studio connector panels.) Nathan bought a new Trident 88 console and asked ICI to do signal flow and patchbay layout design for his new place. After that ICI did a wiring design, pre-built and shipped all the calbing for the studio. Mitch received some top-notch support from the console manufacturer that allowed the wiring team to build perfect fan-outs for the cables that plug into the back of the console and other items.

Sep 2017 Mitch worked at Watts Health Center in Los Angeles. They were having trouble with feedback in their public address system. Mitch went in to install a Digital Feedback Terminator which easily solved the problem.

Aug 2017 When the Meruelo Group decided to consolodate their radio station facilities in Los Angeles ICI assisted in moving radio station KDAY to their new studios at the Power 106 facility.

Aug 2017 Mitch was asked to repair an intermittnet drop out problem in the air chain at KDAY Radio Station on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. The problem only occured once every hour or two. With some patience and a little persistance he was able to find and replace the defective equipment.

Aug 2017 ICI went over to PodcastOne in Beverly Hills to add a speaker zone in their waiting area. They have a lot of big names come through every week for interviews and to do shows. Until now entourage were not able to hear the show. ICI added a speaker zone in there that is fed directly off the mixing console so people can easily hear the shows now.

Aug 2017 More data cabling work for Valley Community Healthcare, this time at their North Hills, CA campus. One of the GP exam rooms was being refit and we installed new jacks that run back to the server room. The facilities have certain color codes and standards to be strictly maintained and we are able to follow procedure and instructions accurately for them.

Jul 2017 ICI finished up some upgrades and maintenance for the NorMAN GoldMAN Show studios in Burbank, Ca. One of the items was component-level electronic repairs on NorMAN's call screener Telos Desktop Director, used on thier NX-12 phone hybrid. They have been settled in at their new facility since late last year and everyone really loves the place.

Jul 2017 Mitch spent a day performing maintenance on the video surveillance system at __________ facility in _______, __. Sorry, ICI never reveals anything about security and surveillance jobs with anyone. And yes, we have been asked to install secret cameras. Did we.....?

Jun 2017 Omnicast Media did some equipment upgrades and asked ICI to do the work along with a complete rewire of thier facility. It was a pleasure working for/with Managing Partner Michael Caruthers as we had in the past at Black Card Radio and on his own show Something You Should Know. ICI's years of experience with studio grounding and cable shielding schemes yielded cleaner than ever signal paths. Adding a new mixing console helped with this also!

Jun 2017 Back in the Healthcare Industry the ICI crew spent a couple weekends maintaining and fine tuning the Public Address system at the North Hollywood campus of Valley Community Healthcare. There are 70-some speakers filling the two-floor facility with announcments from top to bottom, in every corner. The crew installed some new speakers, made repairs on others then used some Travelling Wilburies and Donald Fagan to preliminarily tune the system. Fine tuning was accomplished with live voice announcments.

Jun 2017 ICI performed maintenance and studio ergenomic adjusments for the host of the NorMAN GoldMAN Show, Norman Goldman. Mitch helped in the design of their the new studio layouts and furniture and was there to further dial-it-in for Mr. Goldman in the talent booth.

May 2017 Among ICI's longest and best customers, KPWR Power 106 in Los Angeles had the crew install new CAT6 ethernet tie lines and patch panels, running from their Technical Operations Center to their Telco Room. ICI uses a Fluke Network Tester to test and qualify all network cable runs. Thanks to Project Manager/Engineer Oscar Chavez for his assistance with the project.

May 2017 Mitch spent a few day in Santa Barbara working at Gibraltar Peak transmitter site for long time ICI customer radio station KUSC, owned by the University of Southern California. They have 11 or 12 transmitter sites up and down the state and are performing new equipment installs and system maintenance at various locations. Mitch was there to assist with installing new transmitters remote control, a new transmitter switch control and remote monitoring for the facility.

May 2017 ICI is proud and grateful to be working not only in pro audio and broadcast but also in the healthcare industry. Having performed multimedia studio integration work for six of the most prestigious children's hospitals around the country ICI is at home working in health care facilities, where there are stict codes of privacy and work methods. Valley Community Healthcare has ICI adding new CAT5E and CAT6 ethernet cable runs to their network systems at both campuses including our work at the North Hollywood campus this month.

Apr 2017 University of Southern California owned radio station KUSC bought another SAS 32kd router frame and brought in ICI to do the installation. It is a full frame and required lots of new cabling. The KUSC Technical Operations Center is one of the cleanest and tidy-est to be found. All of the original cabling installed by ICI, and all subsequent cabling was done very neatly and efficiently. The challenge was to make the new fit in and look as neat as the existing. We are happy to report that this was fully accomplished. ICI also assisted with the new fiber runs from the all the studios to the TOC.

Mar 2017 Valley Community Healthcare did a major upgrade in their conference rooms on both the North Hills and North Hollywood, Ca. campuses. The ICI crew participated by installing all of the control, HDMI and speaker cable runs. New equipment included projectors and screens, automation control of all a/v sources and destinations and Polycom Video Conferencing systems.

Feb 2017 British singer/songwriter Zayn Malik moved into a new home and asked ICI to install microphone and headphone tie lines. We put brushed/anodized black wallplates in his studio and control room. They look good and Mr. Malik is very happy with the new setup!

Feb 2017 The ICI cabling crew worked in Marina Del Rey, Ca. to assist with a new facility build. Gaming audio production firm SIDE has studio facilites all over the world and found it still necessary to have one in the Los Angeles area, because of the concentration of actors there. ICI ran all of the facility signal tie lines and wired the machine room audio rack for this three studios with machine room facility.

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017 Mitch spent part of Dec. and almost all of Jan. at legendary Hollywood Recording Studio Buzzy's Recording on Melrose. They've been there for over 40 years and have recorded more big-name talent than you could ever imagine. Mitch worked closly with owner Andy Morris on a variety of projects including a studio rebuild; the A/V, gate remote control, phones and computer network for a Reception room rebuild; various phone connections throughout the building.

Dec 2016 After all of our work at children's hospitals around the country ICI is happy to announce that we now have a local medical facility to maintain. Valley Community Healthcare, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with two campuses in the San Fernando Valley, brought us in for moves, adds, changes and maintenance of thier computer network, a/v, public address and video surveillanc systems. It's a whole new set of rules working in the medical industry. Certain provision must be made for work areas inside the facilities and even moving tools and materials into and through the place. And of course the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) must be strictly followed.

Dec 2016 Mitch traveled to Charlotte, NC to the Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hopital. He was there to give a hand with some maintenance, consultation and system training in this incredible multimedia studio we built there in July 2013.

Sep 2016 It was a great pleasure to be back at Radio Disney in Burbank, Ca working for and with our old friend, engineering manager Brian Clark. After seven or eight years there it was time to do some studio remodeling which included new carpet in all rooms and new wraps on the studio furniture. The ICI crew came in to completely dismantle and remove all the equipment and studio furniture from each room. To keep the facility on the air only one room at a time was done. After the upgrades we went back in to completely rebuild the place. We are proud to report that everything went smoothly and there was no lost time nor any off-the-air events.

Sep 2016 The September 2016 issue of Radio World Magazine published an article written by Mitch about his work on the Seacrest Studios at children's hospitals around the country. Do an internet serach for "Mitch Robertson Radio World" to find it. In it he explains the process that integrators go through to put a multimedia studio in a hospital environment.

Aug - Nov 2016 ICI helped to design and built a new studio facility for the NorMAN GoldMAN Show. After five or so years at The Centrum, that glass building in the Cahuenga Pass, Mr. Goldman decided it was time to move, for the usual reasons. He found a new place in nearby Burbank, Ca for a new build-out. ICI worked closely with Mr. Golman and the contractor to build the new facility and to move them out of thier old place. And of course, with a three hours a day, five days a week show the trick was to keep them on the air during the move. The move was accomplished in a minimal amount of time.

Aug 2016 Mitch and Alba were priveledged and honored to attend the Keyscape Launch Party thrown by Spectrasonics, in Hollywood at the Redbury on Vine St. Mitch is credited on the product for his work on the Clavinets and Fender Rhodes Pianos. It was truly a hollywood gala which included a smokin'-hot band of top studio and touring musicians, and on display, most if not all of the keyboard instruments sampled for Keyscape.

Jun - Aug 2016 Radio Station KFWB was recently sold and the ICI crew came in to move them in to their new location. Work began with our crew building the computer network, a/v cabling and video surveillane systems for the stations studios and offices. We then went to the CBS Radio facility on Wilshire to prepare all of the station's broadcast equipment and studio furniture for transport to the new studios, located on Century Blvd near LAX. With some beautiful modification work we used thier existing studio furntiure in one of the new studios, saving the new owners several thousand dollars.

May - Jun 2016 It was time, at Sports USA Media in Simi Valley, CA, to get a new mix system for their complicated array of broadcasts every weekend. They wisely chose an SAS Rio Link and iSL mix surface, which we are expert in the install of. There are a lot of signal paths to monitor and feed and the new system does a great job of keeping everything on the air and sounding great.

Jun 2016 Take a look in the June 2016 issue of Pro Sound News. Starting on page 28 there's a really nice article by Steve Harvey covering our work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Mar-Apr 2016 ICI performed a major upgrade to the video surveillance system at a high profile broadcast facility somewhere in... well I can't say. We never discuss the details of a security job. I can say that these days IP cameras and recorders are definitely the way to go. The cameras themselves are so smart and have so many extra controls and recognition features. Contact us for more info on what can be done to give you a solid surveillance system.

Feb-Mar 2016 A great time for another Ryan Seacrest Foundation multimedia studio. The Seacrest Studios in Monroe Carrell, Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN had their grand opening on March 18, 2016. The ceremony was topped off by a visit from Ryan's super-secret guest which turned out to be Taylor Swift. Equipment-wise this studio is fairly the same as all the other Seacrest Studios. The most recent ones have received TriCasters on their initial install and the older studios are having theirs installed one by one.

Feb 2016 Mitch was at the home of a prominent resident in the Ojai Valley area of CA working on their video surveillance system. There were motion detection and storage inefficiencies that were resolved during the visit. We also added nodes to their LAN.

Jan - Oct 2016 Mitch worked with GM Troy Little of Navahoe Nation Broadcasting and the architect and construction team, as a consultant on thier new facility build.

Jan 2016 ICI worked onsite at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Valencia, CA (right by Magic Mountain!) to install the LAN and some video stuff in their new offices. Mitch worked closely with Owner/Broker Alex Woltman to design and build their network to work well for the mid to large number of agents working there at any time.

Dec 2015-Jan 2016 It came time for a major facelift in the sales department at Emmis Communications Power 106 FM in Los Angeles. They needed new carpet, paint and cubicles. Cubicles is where we came in with an entirely new LAN installation. First we installed a new IDF that connected back to the main telco/network room. Then in two phases we installed and qualified multiple new drops to each new cubicle.

Nov 2015 More studio maintenance for the NorMAN GoldMAN show. Show host NorMAN GoldMAN was looking for ways to cut extraneous cost from the studio budget and decided to cancel one of his ISDN lines, leaving one to remain. The trouble was that he has three devices that use ISDN at various times so Mitch designed, built and installed a custom switch box that easily routed pre and post delay audio along with switching the single ISDN for the various equipment use.

Oct 2015 Mitch spent several weeks in Washington DC to build another Seacrest Studios. This one was for the Children's National Medical Center. The studio is part of an entertainment initiative that radio and television host and producer Ryan Seacrest and his family developed to help patients explore the creative realms of radio, television, and new media. RSF aims to contribute positively to the healing process for children and their families during their stay, as well as to bring an uplifting spirit to the hospital community. This was the fifth Seacrest Studio integration job for ICI.

Sep 2015 Mitch was at Snoop Dogg's new facility to install a radio room for Mr. Dogg's Cadillac Radio show aired on internet radio. Mitch put in all the usual stuff along with installing and configuring the Telos AXia mix system.

Aug 2015 We had the privilege of working on the 20th Century Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles. We were brought in to do the radio broadcast integration work for the Colin Cowherd show, shot in Fox Sports studio 2B and simulcast on Fox Sports Radio and TV. The whole operation is built on two "floats" that move in and out of the sound stage where the show is done. During the show they have some nice shots of the SAS iSL mix surface and other radio broadcast equipment. We were given about two weeks to complete the entire job and we had to accommodate for the fact that as we started, the technical design was not yet complete. But we were on such a tight schedule that we had to get things rolling and adjust as needed. It all came out great as we met all deadlines with a solid system for them to work go on the air with.

Aug 2015 Westwood One Total Classic Rock talent Tony Scott did some remodeling at home that included a nice space for his personal studio. We came up with an all new equipment list and studio furniture that made a nice fit for his new workspace.

Jul 2015 Mitch was at the NorMAN GoldMAN Show for some studio maintenance. Things like a new power supply for the intermittently glitching phone hybrid and a system to assist show host NorMAN GoldMAN in recording and bouncing audio clips, sound effects and actualities around his various playback devices.

Jun 2015 Back in 2004 we installed an all new auditorium and dinner club PA system for the Women's Club of Bakersfield. We hung new FOH speakers, installed stage pockets with mic and monitor connections and mounted a new security rack backstage to house the system. Mitch was there in June performing routine maintenance on the system and it now sounds better than ever.

May 2015 Mitch was back assisting his old college buddy Dave Hampton with another studio build. We were in Sun Valley CA putting in a Euphonix console for producer/composer/arranger Benjamin Wright at his personal studio.

Apr 2105 ICI installed a home studio in the hillside neighborhood of Los Feliz in Los Angeles. This was our first Raven MTX System install. It has the auto talkback function that we hardwired for the new user. Along with that we provided custom mic and connector panels for the studio and control room.

Mar 2015 Found us back at Rick Dees Entertainment in Burbank, a facility we built in 2007. We return from time to time updating studios with new consoles and such. On this project we replaced the main speakers in Rick's personal studio. We took out his old JBL's and put in a new pair of LSR4300 Series, the ones with the JBL Room Mode Correction. These have "JBL's exclusive technology that automatically analyzes and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy at the mix position." The fun part is that the speakers hang below a suspended ceiling, 9 feet above the floor. Besides that we were going from passive to active monitors. Fortunately nine years ago we anticipated this and ran line lever audio cable into the ceiling, along with the speaker cable. It was easy an easy transition. On a return visit we were glad to learn everyone at Dees Entertainment are very happy with the new monitors!

Feb 2015 Mitch and Alba got to spent time with their friends Jaime Zapata and Rachel Ramirez at Tono Studios. This beautiful post production facility is always growing, ICI was there to update patchbay configurations, move some equipment around and tidy up. A full system checkout always finishes a day of maintenance.

Dec 2014-Jan 2015 ICI completed the Telos AXia System installation for Emmis Communications Los Angeles radio station Power 106. The studio for Power's popular morning show, the nationally syndicated Big Boy's Neighborhood, was completely gutted and received all new studio furniture and equipment. Mitch handled the Axia configurations and the system was easily integrated into the Pathfinder software which ties all of the station's Axia systems together.

Oct-Nov 2014 Mitch was out of town for a month putting in another Seacrest Studios, this one at Boston Children's Hospital. This is studio number eight for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. They are building studios children's hospitals around the country, to be used by patients and their familys to explore, imagine and interact with musicians and other celeb's that pass through regularly.
Featuring an SAS M-Class/Rio Link and OP-x Radio Station Automation, the studio centers around a unique, custom desk by Omnirax. The desk features a stand-up operator position, a guest wing with five mic's and headphone jacks, and a cylindrical rack for most of the hands on equipment. The new TV-profile Mika micophone arms are used for a clean look on-camera.
Among many others there, thanks to Dan Baxter, Tom Norton (both with the hospital) and the construction and A/V crews for helping things go smoothly there.

Sep 2014 The ICI crew were at leading FM radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles, to build theSDI Video, IFB and CAT6 computer network exclusive to the video department. Yes, the radio station now has a video department. They have celeb's in and out all the time and they video all invterviews for online streaming and other uses.

Aug 2014 Mitch spent time at both of Radio Broadcast Legend Art Laboe's studios, one in the Hollywood Hills, the other in Palm Springs. Aside from routine studio maintenance Mitch was installing new communications and control equipment for their various radio show satellite feeds.

Jul 2014 ICI is a Licensed Low Voltage Contractor here in the State of CA. This month we worked on new premise wiring infrasructure of an existing residential structure. Our guys were in the attics and walls running new CAT6, quad shielded RG6 and speaker cabling through our customer's homes. We always build a nice homerun in a convenient location, easy for the end user to max-out their systems.

Jun 2014 Mitch went to Denver to integrate Seacrest Studios #7, at Children's Hospital Colorado. This is probably the largest of all the Seacrest Studios and was built looking out into a huge, beautiful atrium. The atrium is so large that thousands were accomodated to attend the Grand Opening Day ceremonies.
All the Seacrest Studios have cameras mounted at various location providing picture so that shows and other studio activity can be broadcast to patient and visitor areas. Patients can call in to the studio to make requests or to be on the air. And it is equiped so that Ryan can broadcast or pre-tape any of his radio shows from there.
Thanks to Meghan Kolund, Brendan Adams (both with the hospital) and the A/V crew for all their help.

May 2014 Guitarist/Producer Joe Trohman moved into a new house in Los Angeles and went all-out building his studio downstairs. Mitch met with Joe and his engineer to design the studio's connector panel system. ICI also installed the cable conduits. The pipes all start in the floor behind the mixing console and run to various locations where we built wall frames to mount our custom connector panels on. We had to be very careful about the isolation integrity of the newly built studio and took special care with all wall and floor penetrations. The connector panel signal paths include microphone and line level audio, guitar tie lines, speaker tie lines, UTP CAT5E headphone distribution system and computer network.

Apr 2014 ICI built the Axia CAT6 network for Emmis Communications flagship radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles. They are converting the enire station to Telos Axia AoIP and control systems. That way any source in the facility can be brouhgt up and used in any studio.

Mar 2014 For more reliable service, Clearchannel Satellite suggested that the Norman Goldman Show switch their delivery method from T1 to MPLS. ICI was needed to run new CAT6E cabling through the building and terminate to Telco equipment in the MPOE and to assist in configuration of the new system.

Feb 2014 ICI built a brand new broadcast facility for brand new radio station RadioHamrah, in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. RadioHamrah’s programming strives to enrich and enlighten the global Persian community.

Jan 2014 Radio Station Radio Centro 93.9 FM in Los Angeles brought in a new morning show. ICI reconfigured the morning show studio to accomodate the needs of the sizeable staff of El Show Del Mandril. This included new mic's, processing, headphone system and computer network.

Nov 2013-Jan 2014 Emmis Communications flagship radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles got a new On Air studio and Immaculate did the job. In traditional fashion we prewired and pretested all equipment going in before taking the existing studio off the air and dismantling it. The station has been converting their entire facility to the Telos Axis audio-over-ip mix and control system. Mitch has been performing the system setup and configuration for all of the studios.

Oct 2013 Mitch went to Palm Springs to build the second studio for legendary radio broadcaster Art Laboe, famous for trademarking the phrase "Oldies But Goodies". We built the first one at his home in the Hollywood Hills. Along with the standard broadcast equipment we custom built a monitor station on Art's side of the mixing board so that he can monitor PROGRAM levels on a set of VU meters and select from several different sources in his headphones.

Sep-Oct 2013 Kenny Moran has been out on the road with Yanni and they needed an overhaul on their keyboard audio and MIDI snakes. There is an elaborate color code and ID scheme that we had to duplicate. We ended up making it more obvious for them and easier to read in dark places.

Sep-OCt 2013 Mitch was working at Spectrasonics in Burbank. They have a nice collection of vintage Clavinets that he was modifying for various reasons.

Aug 2013 Mitch was at the downtown radio station facility of University of Southern California, KUSC. Since we did the original facility build in 2010 we have been fortunate enough to return for more projects. This time it was to install new and more obvious ON AIR lights outside the studios and hallway, and implement their control from various sources in the studios there.

Jul 2013 Mitch spent almost a month in Charlotte, NC to integrate the 6th Seacrest Studio (2nd for ICI), being built at Levine Children's Hospital. This is the first one to use the TV style mic arms for a low-profile look on camera. Other than that, all of these studios are fairly identical with a stand-up operator position, a five microphone guest wing and cameras mounted in two or three location for broadcast in the hospitals CCTV system.

Apr-Jun 2013 Legendary radio broadcaster Art Laboe sold his historic Sunset Boulevard studio complex and needed new studios to work from. We built this, the first one, at his home in the Hollywood Hills. Along with the standard broadcast equipment we custom built a monitor station on Art's side of the mixing board so that he can monitor PROGRAM levels on a set of VU meters and select from several different sources in his headphones.

Feb-Mar 2013 The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has an ongoing project to build and supply broadcast media studios in pediatric hospitals all over the country. For the Children's Hospital of Orange County, Immaculate Connections was brought in to perform the broadcast integration. The studios are professionally furnished with the finest equipment and studio furniture. They are designed to broadcast audio and video to patient's rooms and visitor areas ato be used to live radio or pre-recording show remotely. Ryan admits that these studios are nicer than the ones he works in every day to do his own shows.

Jan-Feb 2013 For Emmis Connumications flagship FM radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles, Immaculate pre-built another complicated broadcast studio in a temporary, remote location so that we could fully test it before moving it into a working studio over a weekend. This is another Axia audio system installed in the new Backup On Air Studio, which normally serves as a production room. This Axia is networked with all of the others at this facility throught the Pathfinder software.

Dec 2012-Jan 2013 ICI re-built and re-integrated the studio facility for the Norman Goldman Show in Studio City, CA. NGS had been having numerous problems with various aspects of the technical plant. We rebuilt the control room and studio, then concentrated on backup power distribution and the internet connection for live streaming audio and video from the show. All are happy there now.

Dec 2012 ICI designed and installed a new video surveillance system for one of the high profile radio staions in Los Angeles. The system records motion detected by the many HD cameras located throughout the station. The video is available on their LAN. We also set them up for remote viewing on smartphones.

Oct 2012 Univision Radio in Los Angeles began using ICI's Studio Detailed Cleaning services. For more info please see the Detailing page on this website by clicking on detailing in the navigation patchbay on the left side of your screen.

Aug 2012 Mitch spent more time working at Spectrasonics world headquarters in Burbank, CA. upgrading their studio racks and more work on some of the beautiful instruments in their fabulous Fender Rhodes Pianos collection.

Jul 2012 ICI was back at USC Radio Station KUSC to install satellite receivers for a new station aquisition.

Jul 2012 ICI built and shipped custom audio patchbays to Grupo Radio Centro in Mexico City. We have been performing studio maintenance and our Studio Detailing Services for their radio station RadioCentro 93.9 in Los Angeles and they like our work!

May 2012 Once again Clearchannel Communications (now known as iHeartmedia) hired Immaculate Connections to take care of business for them. CC purchased Metro Traffic, the leading provider of traffic and transit information in the United States. ICI moved all of the studio equipment from the old facility in Culver City to a temporary facility in Sherman Oaks, CA. and also lent a hand building the temporary facility. The service is now know as Total Traffic Networks.

May 2012 Longtime clients Power 106 in Los Angeles have so many artist and celebrities in all the time they needed a video department to record and post all the interviews. ICI put in a video edit suite for them in place of their old multitrack recording studio. There is room for 2-3 editors and they are running non-stop in there now.

May 2012 Mitch was in the NOHO Arts District to work on a new facility for alt rockers My Chemical Romance. They moved into a building large enough for a good size studio and storage for all of their touring gear. The band was present and spent a lot of time jamming and practicing. Nice, live music to work by!

April 2012 Every year right before Easter Sunday Mitch stops by St. Peter's Armenian Church in Van Nuys. They always have a huge overflow crowd on Easter and he goes there to make sure all audio, video and communications are "worship-ready" for the big day.

April 2012 ICI installed new systems for the conference room at Los Angeles Magazine. This includes ceiling speakers, wifi, a new screen and installing a pocket in the conference table that contains system inputs and power. Easy to connect a laptop or projector to the system.

Mar-Apr 2012 Mitch and Alba have been working with Mac IT Specialist Robert Burns at Los Angeles Magazine on their Voice and Data systems. Projects include installation of new cubicles and some equipment installation, organizing and clean up in their server room.

March 2012 Mitch spent a day at the Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club in Hollywood, running tests on their sound system to make sure everything is proper (and it is!). This place is special to Mitch cause it was one of the few places he got to see the Zawinul Syndicate play live.

Feb 2012 Over at Spectrasonic's ICI has been working with owner and visionery Eric Persing and others on their incredible Fender Rhodes Piano collection. One of them is even a nice Stage 88 model from the estate of Ray Charles. Eric spent tons of money refurbishing and voicing these pianos making them better than new. Mitch helped out with some work on various preamps and some chassis work for these classic pianos.

Jan 2012 We installed a new Backup Mix Room at Power 106 in Los Angeles. Identical to their very busy/always-in-demand existing Main Mix Room we put in two years ago. The new one is also used by the Power DJ's to track shows in advance.

Dec 2011 Mitch handled all Axia programming and integration on a new Axia Mix System for Production B at Power 106 in Los Angeles. Because all rear connector panels of the Axia equipment will be difficult to reach, we brought them all out to Krone Blocks and 12 port mini RJ45 patch panels. That way all connections for the whole system will be in a convenient location for install and upgrades. The system for Prod B includes a Powerstation, Powerstation Aux, Analog Node, and a Digital Node.

Nov 2011 Mitch was had the priveledge of again performing internal equipment integration and installation for Eric Persing's fabulous OMG-2 musical instrument. This one is the follow up of the OMG-1, built in 2010 and given away in a promotional contest to the winner of a composition contest using Spectrasonics vertual instruments. The OMG-2 features two iPads for control and synth voices, a Mac Mini as the main CPU, two mini keyboards both with their own pitch wheel, modulation wheel and octave buttons, an on board mixer with balances outputs and a mini monitoring system that plays through the keys and you can really feel the bass with.

July 2011 Alba was back up on the ladder again. Haven't seen her there in years but last weekend ICI was at Radio Disney in Burbank installing four zones of speakers and two wirelss mic receivers in the Atrium of the building where the studios are. This will make it a lot easier for Engineering Manager Brian Clark and his staff to provide PA and music right outside their studios for events and appearances. All audio conveniently goes to and from the station's SAS routing system.

July 2011 Alba was back up on the ladder again. Haven't seen her there in years but last weekend ICI was at Radio Disney in Burbank installing four zones of speakers and two wirelss mic receivers in the Atrium of the building where the studios are. This will make it a lot easier for Engineering Manager Brian Clark and his staff to provide PA and music right outside their studios for events and appearances. All audio conveniently goes to and from the station's SAS routing system.

July 2011 Immaculate worked closly with Dish Nation TV show producer Mike Bachman and Power 106 Chief Engineer Saul Perez to get all of the audio together for the show's new Los Angeles set. We built a brand new studio/set just for DJ Felli Fel and the LA crew.

June 2011 Mitch stopped by at AVID (makers of Pro Tools, of course) to give Richard McKernan and everyone a hand with some new wiring for the monitoring system in their demo studio. He and Richard also installed acoustic treatment in there.

We've been working with Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments a lot this past year. It started out last fall with doing all the internal wiring on Spectrasonics owner Eric Persing's fabulous OMG-1, custom hardware synthesizer. It turned out great so they had us build custom a/v and computer cabling for their Convention and Show Booth. Later Eric asked Mitch to design and build a custom MIDI footpedal box with all of the individual MIDI devices that made up his personal pedal system.

June 2011 Mitch spent several month this year consulting and performing integration and custom studio panel design for Sherpa Studios in St. Louis, Mo. He worked closly over the phone and internet with owner/engineer Brian Ryback. They took some time to go over the needs and goals of the studio and among other things Mitch helped to design some of the signal flow to integrate their Studer A827, a Dolby XP rack full of SR cards and a CLASP unit into the system. After the studio panels were built ICI wired the panel ends, then packed and shipped them for Brian and his crew to install and connect the other ends. Mitch also designed and built a versatile and compact distribution panel for the studio's Langevin 101 Headphone System. It connects all talkbacks on any HP-101 unit plugged into a studio panel. It also allows future connection of any of the optional funtions. Sherpa Studios is one of Mix Magazine's Class of 2011.

May 2011 Tono Studios added a video studio to their beautiful facility in West Los Angeles. We had to run new audio, Serial Video and RS-422 tie lines to the machine room and install Pro Tools and Aja equipment along with a full array of equpment used for vioce over work.

May 2011 Immaculate worked with Barry Victor of the Victor Group to install a new SAS mixing console in Rick Dees Entertainment Studio 3 in Burbank, Ca. All five studios are fully connected to each other through the orignal SAS routing and mixing console system we originally installed back in 2007. In 2009 Dees had Mitch come and replace the small turret mixer in Studio 2 with a full sized SAS mixing console. Same again this time in Studio 3 with Victor.

April 2011 St. Peter Armenian Church in Van Nuys, Ca. ICI spent a couple days there working with Chris Yaldezian to prepare for Easter Sunday Service. We were tacing some undocumented cabling and also ran some new audio and video tie lines across the church campus for overflow into the next bulding.

March-April 2011 Black Card Radio hired ICI to put their newest syndication on the air. We installed new equipment at their facility including a phone hybrid, broadcast delay, custom cue control panel and ISDN communications with the satellite uplink in Denver and the show host in Atlanta.

December 2010 Intero Real Estate Services of Valencia moved into a beautiful brand new office facility. Our old pal and associate Alex Woltman hired us to perform all telecommunications, network and A/V wiring for the 23 office and 32 cubicle facility.

June-July 2010 Working for the University of Southern California, ICI moved radio staion KUSC from one building to another in downtown Los Angeles. Working with Chief Engineer Ron Thompson we wired and integrated four new studios along with a new Technical Operations Center. The facility is centered on a new SAS routing system and mixing consoles. The hard part was keeping transmitters at 12 different locations around the state on the air at all times but everything went well and they are at home in their new facility now.

March 2010 ICI assisted with wiring and signal testing at The Bridge Recording Studios in Glendale, CA. They built a brand-new-from-the-ground-up huge scoring stage, supported by a great facility. They even have the 96 channel Neve VRP console from the Paramount scoring stage.

February 2010 At Emmis Radio in Burbank, CA we built a new Morning Production Studio for Big Boy's Neighborhood, on Power 106 and syndicated on the ABC Radio Network. To keep down time to a minimum we built and tested the entire studio in a temporary location. Then on a Friday afternoon we demolished the existing studio, installed the new furniture and equipment and had the place ready to go on the air by that Saturday evening. This gave the radio crew a full day to learn their way around their new room including the Auctiva Mixing Console. Studio and furniture designs were by Emmis Chief Engineer Saul Perez. The project was managed by Engineer Oscar Chavez.

January 2010 We did another Emmis Radio studio, first in a temporary location and then, with minimum down time, in the permanent location. This one is the new NOC and Voice Track Studio to support Big Boy's Neighborhood Show on the ABC Radio Network. Chief Engineer Saul Perez did a fantastic job on studio and furniture design. This was another Axia Console install.

Dec 2009 ICI built and integrated a new On Air Mix Room for Emmis Radio's Power 106 in Los Angeles. . This is on one of the nicest mix rooms in the city and the DJ's are still raving! This was also built in a temporary location and moved to the studio over a weekend.

Dec 2009 For Bonneville International's 100.3 the Sound we integrated a new production room designed by Engineering Manager Kevin Scott. It included custom furniture from Omnirax and a Sierra Automated Systems mix system connected to the facility's main router.

Sept 2009 We installed and integrated a high profile broadcast facility in ESPN's the Zone restaurant at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. The studios are similar to the main On Air rooms at the KSPN's radio station in a nearby building. Except these are in the middle of the restaurant with lots of visibility. The place is packed after events at the Staples Center and Nokia Center.

August 2009 ICI provided all equipment and built a new production room for Dr. Bruce Hensel in PAcific Palisades, CA. Inside you have a spectacular view of Santa Monica Bay. His new radio show will be on the air in September.

May 2009 Mexican Broadcast Company GRC started radio station Exitos 93.9 at the Emmis Radio Station facility in Burbank, Ca. ICI was there to get them moved in and On The Air, working on both the broadcast and voice/data infrastructure. At the same time we moved the Emmis Radio Power 106 crew into their new studios.

March 2009 ICI finished integration on new studios for ESPN Radio, 710AM in their new LA Live facility in Downtown Los Angeles, right across from the Staple's Center. Our skilled technicians put in their Technical Operations Center along with 2 On Air Studios supported by 2 Production Studios, a 5 Workstation Edit Room and various router and intercom feeds throughout the broadcast technical center.

January 2009 we've completed integration on the new Radio Disney Studios in Burbank, for AM 1110. It's a really nice facility with a Tecnical Operations Center, 2 production studios and a large On Air studio complete with a stage setup for Live On Air performances of your favorite Disney bands and musicians. You can see into the On Air Studio from the lobby of the building. If you ever get a chance check out how nicely we dressed all of the computer cables on top of the studio furniture and in monitor mounting hardware, surrounding the mixing console and guest positions.

Our line of pre and custom made wiring harnesses and panels are available now at our Online Store!!!. Choose your own length and select upgrades by clicking on categories below or use search at top of page. We can also build Custom Wiring for any application. From a single cable to an entire facility!

August 2008, ICI spent several weeks performing Fred Hill Modifications on 32 Aux Modules for Bob Clearmountain's Neve 8068. Fader swap and special Aux Send functions were among the several mod's performed per unit

In August 2008 we put in a new Radio Broadcast Facility for the Game Show Network in Santa Monica, CA.

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