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Professional Studio Detailing

We've worked in the studio biz long enough to know how the building's cleaning crew handles the cleaning of your studio. They empty the trash and vacuum near the board, not even under it. Since we are skilled in handling the maintenence and installation of high end studio equipment, even equipment that is live on a national network feed, we are skilled in cleaning a studio properly. For the past few years ICI has been providing studio detailing services for some of our fine broadcast customers. We pick up where the building's cleaning crew leaves off by performing these services:

  • Detailed cleaning on your mixing consoles using safe and effective cleaning practices.

  • Same treatment on all other equipment including outboard gear faceplates, instruments and tape machines.

  • Carefully clean your all of your speakers and cabinets.

  • Clean computer screens and use disinfectant on keyboards, mice and telephone receivers.

  • Without disturbing your affects and studio decor, wipe down all workspace areas and clean the studio furniture and windows. We leave your place the way we found it.

  • Clean the air conditioning registers. A lot of gunk builds up there.

  • Vacuum and/or mop all floor areas including under the mixing console.

  • That would be a typical periodic visit, performed at your convenience, when your studios are down. To get a little deeper we can:

  • Clean the insides and outsides of your outboard equipment.

  • Clean inside your equipment cablinets including neatening big tangle messes.

  • Perform preventative maintenance on your mixing consoles and tape machines. Pulling the modules, vacuum the inside, clean the edge connectors, pot's and even the faders, if needed.

  • Another step deeper, we can recap and recomponent your modules for you.

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